Admission Requirements

DLI#: O116453040879

*The first letter is the alphabet “O” not zero (“O” 116453040879).


Must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have an Ontario Secondary Diploma (Grade 12 OSSD) or equivalent (foreign credentials must be translated into English and compared for grade 12 equivalency by a recognized organization).
  • Mature student, be at least 18 years of age (or age specified in program approval) and pass a Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities pre-approved qualifying test (Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam and must achieve a minimum score of 11).
  • Technical Literacy Exam with a minimum score of 18 (applies to the Personal Support Worker program only).
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Systems.


  • Any other documents required for each program by NASIT if applicable
  • Notarized copy of Passport
  • Notarized copy of your legal status in the country which you are applying from
  • Notarized copy of education credentials


The process involved in applying for study overseas is a long and arduous one, but rest assured that NASIT will be behind our students 100% of the way.  We will guide you through the requirements and regulations involved until the very minute you safely arrive in Canada to begin your studies.

  1. The student will send the application form, all required documents and a non-refundable, one-time administration fee of CAD$200 to the school’s designated bank account.
  2. Assuming the student meets all the requirements for his/her program of choice and passes the Wonderlic SLE and Technical Literacy Exam, NASIT will send an “Offer Letter” which includes course information such as starting dates, end dates, exam dates, fees and course syllabus.
  3. The student may review the package pending his or her decision to accept or decline the “Offer Letter”.
  4. If the student accepts, he/she will send two things: a minimum of 20% as a deposit to the school’s in-trust bank account of the fees indicated in the “Offer Letter” AND his/her preferred starting date for the program as listed in the “Offer Letter”.
  5. Once NASIT has confirmed the receipt of all the required documents and funds, we will send the student “Acceptance Package” which includes: an Enrolment Contract, Ministry approval documentation, Immigration approval documentation, insurance information, questionnaires, and documents detailing the refund policy.
  6. The student will prepare the following: Notarized Copies as indicated above under the “Additional Documentation Required”, financial statements, sponsorship letter, Police check and application forms from the Canadian Embassy.
  7. The student will take the ”Acceptance Package” from Step 5 as well as the documents listed in Step 6 to the Canadian Embassy and apply for a study permit  (the fees involved varies depending on the country you apply from).
  8. If the Canadian Embassy accepts the student’s request to study, the Canadian Embassy will ask for a medical report, and then they will send the study permit.
  9. Once the student receives the study permit, he/she will then send the remainder of the outstanding fees indicated in the “Offer Letter” from Step 2 & 4 which confirms his/her enrollment and confirms the starting date of his/her program.
  10. In the case of rejection, the student must submit the original letter of refusal to NASIT for a refund.  In which case, NASIT will deduct the minimum administration fee of CAD$200 and refund the remainder of the total deposit received from the student. (This may take 3-5 weeks after we receive the original letter of refusal).

**All payments to the school must be made to the school’s designated bank account(s) ONLY.


Fall July 1st Early September
Winter November 1st Early January
Spring/Summer March 15th Early May
International Student Application Form download
Canadian Student Application Form download
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